About Mike Faremouth, Owner/Principal

I like to call myself, an Accountant with a difference. An Electrical Engineer by education with an MBA-Finance, I spent 18 years in the Automotive Industry in various management roles. I returned to college in January of 2013 to satisfy a goal I had to become a CPA and to complement my career path. After completing the CPA Exam, I found (to my surprise) that I was overqualified, so I set out to create a Client-centric, responsive practice to deliver high-quality Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Services focused toward Small Business Clients. In addition, I am also an Enrolled Agent, authorized to represent Clients before the IRS in all matters involving audits, appeals, collections and resolutions.

My Niche:

My manufacturing experience and engineering background gives me a unique understanding of the complexities associated with manufacturers and engineering service firms. I know the lingo and their pain points. Accounting and Tax work is required for compliance but Accounting should also be used to give owners the insight they need to run their operations more efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s a Schedule C Filer-Sole Proprietor or SMLLC, a Pass-Through Entity-Partnership or S-Corporation or “stand-alone” C-Corporation let us discuss your unique situation with you to understand if it makes sense to engage our services. No pressure or sales pitches, it may or may not make sense to continue after our initial consult. We’re in the relationship business, so developing long-lasting, trusting relationships is more important than forcing a sale. We go the distance to help you, the client, by giving you the tools and insight to make better decisions to support the growth of your company.

An Accountant with a Difference:
  • When an Accountant tells you how unique they are versus their competitors, ask, what makes them unique? How does their background or experience give them a unique insight into the complexity and specifics of your business if they’ve never worked in operations, sales, marketing or any other discipline outside of finance or accounting? In many cases, they are not unique and more often than not, they’re focused on compliance (a necessary but basic entry point to call oneself an Accountant). This is not meant to disparage Accountants, just the opposite. However, since compliance is the centerpiece of much of the training that Accountants undergo, it calls into question their relevance when labeling themselves as advisors from the clients’ perspective if they lack broader functional expertise in those activities outside of traditional financial accounting and reporting.
  • We don’t suffer from large indirect costs or overhead. Consider the value of what you receive when choosing a capable Accountant/Bookkeeper/Tax Planner, Preparer. Overhead costs associated with brick and mortar offices get passed on to you, the client.
  • Plain and simple, we’re here to help you, the small business client, understand how to use the power of your Accounting and Financial data to suggest ways to operate, plan and grow more efficiently and profitably. The Analytical Accountant is your partner for success.
My Qualifications:
  • Enrolled Agent. Authorized tax practitioner able to represent client’s before the IRS in all tax matters.
  • Completed/passed all (4) sections of the CPA Exam.
  • Completed 30 credit hours of Accounting Coursework required to meet CPA licensing requirements. Aggregate GPA = 3.9/4.0.
  • Adjunct Faculty Instructor, Oakland Community College-Taught four-credit hour Managerial Accounting course. Tutor/Exam Prep Instructor, Walsh College-Assisted students at all levels of Accounting, Introductory to CPA Candidates.
  • Positions and roles with several Automotive Suppliers/Manufacturers as a Project/Program Manager. Work history also includes positions in finance, sales, plant manufacturing, product engineering, business planning, marketing, business development, product-line management and consulting for hybrid-electric vehicle components and LED lighting.
  • MBA-Finance, (with Honors) Wayne State University, Mike Ilitch School of Business Administration.
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, College of Engineering.
Why choose us?
  • Running a business is complex and time consuming: As a small business owner, myself, I understand the time pressures and constraints that every Owner/Operator/Partner endures.  You’ll be confident knowing that your records/books are in capable hands.
  • I love Accounting: Whether it’s learning about a new application or expanding my technical knowledge or technique, I’m always challenging myself to learn so I can be a better resource for my clients.
  • I bring a sense of urgency to completing tasks: I’m an Accountant with a Project Management background. I won’t waste your most precious resource, your time. I have the experience and expertise to quickly grasp the problem, solve it and move on.
  • For your peace of mind: Insured for errors and omissions (E & O). Certificates available upon request.

“I bring a sense of urgency to every task or engagement, no matter how large or small and I do it in an open and friendly way.  Helping clients understand their issues, solving them and helping them relax and breathe a little easier is what I strive to do.”

Accounting can be divided into two distinct areas: Financial Accounting involving Compliance and Managerial Accounting-data that Owners/Operators/Managers and Partners need to make informed, relevant decisions. We can help with both.
Accounting Services
Advisory Services
We're able to provide expertise in several areas of your business in addition to Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax-related services. We can claim this, because we’ve lived it. Give us an opportunity to gain your trust. We want to become your full-service Advisor.
Advisory Services
Bookkeeping is the process of inputting, classifying, error correction and maintaining accounting records. Understated or overstated accounts? QuickBooks workflow issues? Problems, large or small, simple or complex, let us help.
Tax Services
Whether it's Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, or Tax Resolution, small businesses need help navigating the complexities of the Tax code. Contact us so we can discuss your Tax-related issues or needs.
Tax Services

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The Analytical Accountant

Mike Faremouth, Owner/Principal
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