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We respect our Clients and understand their concerns regarding privacy. Through the use of virtual private networking, third-party applications, encryption safeguards, and back-up and remote storage of sensitive Client communications, we have instituted policies intended to ensure their personal information is handled safely and responsibly. As we continue to develop our website and our internal processes to take advantage of new technologies, to improve services for our Clients, we may institute new security protocols at varied times. Engineered Accounting Solutions, LLC does not share any information submitted via, our contact forms, nor do we use it in any manner unrelated to gathering and processing of information related to the Client engagement.

TMA Privacy Policy
Accounting can be divided into two separate areas: Financial Accounting involving Compliance, and Managerial Accounting (data needed to make informed, intelligent decisions on how best to operate and grow their business). Which do you need?
Accounting Services
TMA is able to provide expertise in several areas of your business in addition to Accounting and Bookkeeping. We can claim this, because we’ve lived it. We want to gain your trust so we can become your full-service Advisor.
Advisory Services
Bookkeeping is the process of inputting, classifying, error correction and maintaining accounting records. Understated or overstated accounts? QuickBooks Workflow issues? Problems, large or small, simple or complex, TMA can help.
Small businesses will need further clarification on certain aspects of the law and Accountants and Tax Attorneys will be busy providing much needed guidance for many years to come. Contact TMA for specific information about this service.
Tax Services

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